Preschool Association of India (PAI) Our Motto: Creating Awareness among Preschool Educators

Preschool Association of India (PAI)

Preschool Association of India is an initiative of PSTTI launched with a motto of “Creating awareness among Preschool Educators”. It is a not-to-profit association constantly ensuring on improvising and upgrading the skills & knowledge of Preschool educators. PAI creates a platform for direct dialogue between the Early Childhood educators and the experts in the field. Thus allowing them to share their ideologies and access lots of R & D’s relatively.

Our Motto:

“Creating awareness among Preschool Educators”

Our Vision:

- PAI aims to bridge the gap between the nomenclature of trained vs untrained teachers and train the untrained as well as enhance the skills of the trained through better ideologies.
- Also to make them more polished in the proper methodology of delivering it to the Early Years, where the basic foundation for future years materialize.

Objectives of PAI:

- Create Comprehensive approach to Quality Preschool Education
- Creating a forum of Educators, Learners, Professionals, Researchers, Experts & Practitioners dedicated to Early Childhood Learning
- Conduct frequent Workshops in Schools to create awareness on different themes
- Support Schools in bringing out the best from their existing resources
- Reaching the unreached Rural & Quasi-urban schools in addition to the Urban Schools


PAI is composed of experienced Early Childhood Educators from PAN India. Also comprises of retired Educationists with more than 40 decades of dedicated Service in the Education Sector. Also, finds place for lots of Professionals, Thinkers & Ideologists who can add-in value to Education. PAI Board has a four-day annual meeting each November and an additional meeting in the month of May. Its various committees—Finance, Personnel, Board Development, Workshop Planning, Development, Advisory panel, Membership, Teacher Education, and Publications—are active throughout the year in a number of ways.

Currently, the Board members are: Dr.Dipendra Kumar (Director) , Dr.Savitha.K.C (Secretary cum Treasurer), Governing Council comprising of ( Shri.B.P.Sinha, Dr. Bimlendu Kumar, Dr. Pushpa Sinha, Mr.Sanjay.K.C) Advisory Committee (Dr.Vatsala Iyengar, Mrs. Gurjeet Kaur Anil Bhatia, Ms. Kusuma.M, Mr.Manjunath.N, Mr.Shankar.S)