Preschool Association of India (PAI) Our Motto: Creating Awareness among Preschool Educators


PAI conducts frequent Workshops in Schools, Teacher training institutes, and other organizations who are keen in organizing workshops for Public interest. For the same, we have listed out few topics for the Workshops which can arouse your interest or the invitee can let us know their arena of interest so that we can design it accordingly.


- Fun with Phonics
- Fun with Maths - Creative Introduction of Math concept in the Pre-School Classroom
- Child Psychology – 0 to 6 years; Providing Optimum Stimulus – What and How
- Effective Communication Skills & Classroom Management in a Preschool scenario
- Designing the Pre-School / Kindergarten Curriculum
- Introducing & Applying the theory of Multiple Intelligence in the Pre-School Classroom / Activities to nurture Multiple Intelligence
- Handling of Montessori manipulatives (minimum two days)
- Identifying Learning Difficulties in Early Childhood –Assessment & Intervention
- Teaching Spoken English to Very Young Learners / Activities to develop spoken English Skills
- The Art of Effective Story Telling
- The Art of Puppetry
- The Art of Teaching Nursery Rhymes
- The Phonic Method of teaching English language
- Understanding and Handling Emotionally Distressed Children
- The Joy of Teaching: Playway method of Learning through Games
- Teaching Spelling through Games and Activities
- Creative Writing / Developing Effective Writing Skills in Students - Teaching Writing Through Games and Activities
- Thematic Activity Based Teaching & Learning in Pre Schoolers
- Developing Emotional Intelligence in the young learner
- Quality Circle Time with Very Young Learners
- Classroom and Resource Management - Positive Discipline with Very Young Learner / Foundations in Discipline for Social and Emotional Training: Promoting Children’s Success
- Teaching & Learning Through Games & Physical Education
- Team building and Group dynamics with very young learners
- Vocabulary Development Activities at the Pre-Primary Level
- Effective Communication Skills for Teachers
- Presentation Skills in Teachers
- Fun with Vocabulary
- Teaching Accent Improvement
- Grammar Through Games
- Introduction to General Knowledge and EVS
- E-Learning and Creation of Teaching Aids


- Curriculum Development
- Teachers’ Assessment
- Students’ Assessment
- Students’ Counselling
- Placement Provision
- Personality Sessions for Parents
- Creation of Worksheets